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Copywrite: Information and Links

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This page has a number of links to pages with information about copyright as well as some pages with copywrite free materials.


Sites that explain Canada's Copyright Laws:


Canadian Copyright Information  (from M.E.C.Y.)                                            


Copyright Matters.pdf  (Canadian - questions  & answers for Teachers)


 Literacy with ICT (John's Wiki of Information): 



              Creative Commons  


You Tube - Terms of Use (note #4 Permissions & Restrictions)



Here are some sites with Copyright Free Materials:


Alternate Sources of Materials   (from John's Wiki)


Copyright Free and Public Domain Media Sources


K - 12 Virtual Library


Librarian Chick  ( Wiki that has numerous links, etc.)


Copyright Free Images (from Acadia Library Wiki)


Gif Animations  (free animations and clip art)


Animation Gold


Pictures and Images



Sites that can be used to teach students about referencing:


Citation Sites (from Acadia Library Wiki) 


Son of Citation Machine


Research and Reference Tools


How to attribute a Creative Commons Lisc. work


 Free Music Download Sites:


Copyright Free Loops


Royalty Free Music


Op Sound




Open Music


Free sound   (these are sounds, not music)


Dave Hildebrand's wiki Music sites (GVSD)


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